50 cm Deep wall sheets: so much interest, so few available


We’re amazed at the level of interest in 50 cm deep wall fitted sheets that has developed in the last few years. We’re even more surprised that so few deep wall fitted sheets and sheet sets are available on the market. The number of deep wall sheets around – especially the 50 cm deep wall sizes – seems incredibly low and customers seem desperate to find them. We aren’t sure why the demand has suddenly increased. Maybe people have started buying deeper wall mattresses or putting on luxury mattress toppers that add height to the mattress but also need 50 cm deep wall sheets.

If you’re looking for 50 cm deep wall fitted sheets, try our product pages here:

Queen Size Bed 50 cm Super Deep Wall Fitted Sheets

King Size Bed 50 cm Super Deep Wall Fitted Sheets

Supersize me: super king and super queen size bedding

Super king size quilt cover set

Super king size quilt cover set

Update: Some retailers in Australia are now offering a mattress they call a super king size. But it isn’t. It’s actually a California king size – an American standard that is wider than our regular king size. We love how these mattress sellers confuse our customers. Take care buying super king sheets online and check the dimensions carefully!

Recently we’ve noticed some new sizes creeping into the bed linen market: the super king and super queen sizes. We’ve only seen one kind of super king but there are two different sizes both claiming to be super queen, so be careful buying super queen bed sheets online.

Super King Size

Super king size is easy. It’s the same 182 cm width and 203 cm length as a regular king but it’s taller than a regular king. Instead of being around 35 cm tall, a super king mattress can be up to 50 cm tall. A regular mattress with a topper can also be around this size. Being taller, the super king generally needs 50 cm deep wall fitted sheets. You can see our deep wall king size fitted sheets by clicking here.

California King Size

Whatever your mattress retailer might want you to believe, a mattress that is 203 cm wide and 203 cm long is a California king size. It’s an American standard size that has started to catch on in Australia. It won’t fit into a lot of bedrooms, especially in older houses, and it can be hard to find bed linen to suit. It isn’t a super king, and you need to check sizes carefully to make sure you’re buying the right size.

Super Queen Size

Super queen gets a bit tricky because there are two different sizes. A regular queen size is 152 cm wide and 203 cm long and about 35 cm tall. The first super queen size fitted sheet we encountered was in between queen and king sizes at 167 cm wide. We’ve never seen a mattress to match this size in Australia but they may be out there. On the other hand – and this one is more common – a super queen is usually taller like the super king at around 50 cm tall. You can find our range of deep wall fitted sheets to suit a super queen size bed here.


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Take care buying bed sheets online

Buy bed sheets online

Buy bed sheets online

The old saying that “if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true” applies as much to buying bed sheets online as anything else. As a buyer it’s really easy to get sucked in to a deal that looks like a bargain, only to find it really isn’t when you get the goods. You really do get what you pay for when you buy bed linen online. There are a couple of areas where some unscrupulous sellers often cut corners to make a few dollars more.

Thread counts

The thread count is probably the most common area where claims are often too good to be true. As a seller it’s really difficult to compete with the sellers offering 1000TC sheets for the same price as your 250TC products when you know the high thread count is misleading, or a flat out lie. By the time the buyer realises their bargain purchase really wasn’t, it’s too late. Here’s how it’s done. A budget 250TC product is woven from single strands of cotton or polyester. If you braid 4 thinner strands together and weave the same fabric, you can call it 1000TC. It isn’t any finer or any better, in fact it feels much the same, but that 1000TC label is a great selling point. Real 1000TC sheets cost good money.

100% Pure cotton

The amount of cotton in your 100% pure cotton sheets is another potential problem to be wary of with some online sheet sellers. A couple of years ago, the price of cotton rose quickly and wholesale prices of cotton products went up too. Around the same time we saw a whole lot of so-called luxury products emerge. Bed sheets with high thread counts and “pure” Egyptian cotton flooded eBay and markets. Sadly you can’t check the material without a lab or setting it on fire so we say buyer beware. Good cotton costs good money too.

We try hard to make sure every product listed on our site really is what it says it is so you can buy bed sheets online with confidence.


Sorry, no items were found to display. That could mean that these items are currently not available or that there is a temporary problem.

You could try checking later, or go and search eBay directly.